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We co-operate with Intenso Teknikrekrytering AB and ask you to send your applications via landing site below.


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Working at Svarvmekano i Malmö AB means to work in a technologically advanced environment. We work with clients that are well known and demanding, often global companies with a global market for their products.
We are continuously looking for new employees for different jobs with us. Contact us and arrange a visit in order to introduce yourself and tell us why you want to work with us.


Contact: Jens Netteberg - COO , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 040-101 553 

120 års kunskap
13 June 2021
Idag har vi äran att fira inte bara en, två utan 3 medarbetare, Håkan N, Conny J, Jörgen S som jobbat hos Svarvmekano i 40 år/person, dessutom en pensionär, Besim K, som fortsätter jobba hos...
Teknikföretagen 125 år
19 April 2021
Teknikföretagen celebrates 125 years as organisation and have launched a series of programs to highlight interesting areas for the Industry- Digitalization, automation, robot tending, and AI...
COO Jens Netteberg
31 March 2021
Svarvmekano strengthen its organisation! We welcome Jens Netteberg as our new COO from den 1st of April 2021. Jens arrives to Svarvmekano with proven track record in management, sales and ISO system...


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