Our machine park consists of modern CNC and NC machines and conventional machines.

1 st Multus B200II W750

Ø600 x 750

40 ATC HSK63

SImultan 5 axis, Mätprobe Reinshaw RMP60

Stångmagansing Ø65  - 1600 mm

Machining Navi L-g

20 bars Högtryckspolning.

1 Okuma LB4000EXII MY


12 position turret with millingcapacity and Y milling function.

NC tail stock

Big Bore 37 kW, bar capacity Ø114

Machining Navi L-g

70 bars thru-tool cooling ChipBlaster JV40.

2 Okuma LU3000EX M C1000 + Automation


12 position turret with millingcapacity in the upper turret. 

8 position turret, operates with a hydraulik Atlings steady rest Ø15,5-Ø110 mm; taking up 4 turret positions.

1 spindle, big Bore 22 kW, bar capacity Ø75 mm

15 bars thru-tool cooling


1 robot tended machine with 6-axis KUKA robot, 60 kg payload

1 robot tended machine with 6-axis Yaskawa robot, 25 kg payload

1 Okuma LT300MY+Automation


12 turretpositions upper and lower turret,

2 spindels of 22 kW, bar capacity Ø73 mm

Millingpossibilities in all turret positions, y-axis in upper turret 

15 bars thru-tool cooling


Gantry loader robot Iemca Automata 5.0 , payload 2 x 5 kg.



Okuma LB3000EX+Automation

Maximum working area Ø270x500

12 tool stations on turret
15 bars thru-tool cooling


Robot tended machine with 6-axis Yaskawa-robot, 25 kgs paylod

Okuma LB300MYW

Ø270x1000 Ø270x1000

12 tool stations on turret, milling capacity, Y-axis, sub-spindle

15 bars thru-tool cooling

Okuma LB300, no 2

Maximum working area Ø270x1000

12 tool stations on turret

Hydraulic Steady Rest Ø30-Ø165

Teknikföretagen 125 år
19 April 2021
Teknikföretagen celebrates 125 years as organisation and have launched a series of programs to highlight interesting areas for the Industry- Digitalization, automation, robot tending, and AI...
COO Jens Netteberg
31 March 2021
Svarvmekano strengthen its organisation! We welcome Jens Netteberg as our new COO from den 1st of April 2021. Jens arrives to Svarvmekano with proven track record in management, sales and ISO system...
Multus B200II W750
03 February 2021
Investering i MTM segementet. Företaget har köpt en begagnad Multus B200II W750 tillsammans med IRCO stångmagasing av LPV Verktygsmaskiner. Förväntad leverans mitten mars.   


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