Curious about the future


Svarvmekano AB has a lineage that stretches back to the 1920s. That is when the gear  manufacturing which remains part of the company was started. Our long history means that we are well established and reliable, while our technical curiosity means that we are constantly looking to the future.

In our bright workshops, our various departments are well defined - warehouse, material storage, cutting and production, gear hobbing, inspection and assembly. An efficient production apparatus, for maximum precision.


Lathing & milling – our main areas

Svarvmekano svarvning frasning b1-126Våra viktigaste ben är svarvning och fräsning. Verksamheten omfattar såväl fåstyckstillverkning som omfattande serieproduktion.

Our key activities are turning and milling. The business covers short series manufacturing as well as extensive series production.

Our strength is found not only the capacit of our machines, but also in our extensive knowledge, which allows us to offer our customers a complete solution. Rather than just working from a received drawing, we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our customers’ products and the product flow. All the way from the drawing board to delivery.

We can do this because we do the majority of all material cutting and we can also offer the assembly of customer products, ranging from basic sub-assembly to advanced, customer-specified end-tested and packaged products. Quite simply a complete production process.


Latest technology

Svarvmekano svarvning frasning b4-125

A deliberately high rate of investment means that we maintain a lineup of highly modern machinery, including advanced processing machines and handling and peripheral equipment, all geared to the production of parts of a high technical specification from tough materials. Consistently high standards throughout the production chain ensure an efficient production flow with a high level of quality.


Solid environmental work and quality at all levels


Environmental work today is considerably more than just pretty objectives and numbers. Our resource management means less waste, which leads to a more efficient product that requires less processing, as well as lower osts.

Our entire business is characterized by quality, from the products we manufacture to our integrated business systems. High quality workmanship is carried out in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and we also manage manuals electronically.

Many long-standing partnerships with marketleading global suppliers means not only products of the highest quality, but also a rapid response when we need access to materials, surface treatment technologies, tools and machine equipment.


We are proud – never satisfied!


It is with pride that we look back on the business that has been built up since the company was founded in the early 1900s. Svarvmekano has constantly evolved and it is something we will continue to do in the future.

We intend to continue to be a reliable supplier to our customers and a reliable customer to our suppliers.


120 års kunskap
13 June 2021
Idag har vi äran att fira inte bara en, två utan 3 medarbetare, Håkan N, Conny J, Jörgen S som jobbat hos Svarvmekano i 40 år/person, dessutom en pensionär, Besim K, som fortsätter jobba hos...
Teknikföretagen 125 år
19 April 2021
Teknikföretagen celebrates 125 years as organisation and have launched a series of programs to highlight interesting areas for the Industry- Digitalization, automation, robot tending, and AI...
COO Jens Netteberg
31 March 2021
Svarvmekano strengthen its organisation! We welcome Jens Netteberg as our new COO from den 1st of April 2021. Jens arrives to Svarvmekano with proven track record in management, sales and ISO system...


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